Effortlessly Mount Floodlight. No Huge Holes!

Effortlessly Mount Floodlight. No Huge Holes!

I recently bought a Blink floodlight kit for my efficiency apartment. I wanted to mount it outside, but I didn't want to drill a huge hole in the block. I researched a few different options for mounting my Blink floodlight kit without the hole

  • Siding hooks: You can use siding hooks to hang the floodlight mount from the siding of your house. This is a good option if you have vinyl siding.
  • No-drill mounting tape: You can use no-drill mounting tape to attach the floodlight mount to a flat surface, such as a wooden fence or a brick wall.(Risky option!)
  • Zip ties: You can use zip ties to attach the floodlight mount to a pipe or another object that is securely attached to the house. Get creative!
  • Mount Install: Enkistar Floodlight Camera Mount 

I ended up using the Enkistar floodlight camera mount, its compatible with my floodlight. It is a universal mount that can be used with a variety of floodlight cameras, including the Blink floodlight kit. The Enkistar mount is made of high-quality UL plastic materials (New model is injection molded with extra UV protection) and is weather-resistant, so it can withstand the elements.

To mount the Blink floodlight kit with the Enkistar mount, I followed these steps:

  1. Attach the mounting plate to the floodlight camera.

  2. Attach the Enkistar mount to the mounting plate.

  3. Position the mount arm on the wall or ceiling and marked the mounting holes.

  4. Drill pilot holes at the marked locations.

  5. Insert the anchors into the pilot holes.

  6. Screw the Enkistar mounting into the anchors.

  7. Attach the floodlight camera to the Enkistar mount.

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