How High Should a Floodlight Camera Be Installed?

How High Should a Floodlight Camera Be Installed?

1. Optimal Height: Approximately 9 feet above ground.

2. Coverage: Ensures wide visual area and clear facial recognition.

3. Security: High enough to deter tampering or vandalism

4. Compatibility: Suitable for various models in case you move or change brands in the future.


When installing a floodlight camera, like those compatible with the Enkistar mount, the height at which it is placed is crucial. Mounting the camera around nine feet off the ground is generally considered ideal. This height provides a balance between covering a wide area and capturing clear, identifiable images of visitors or intruders. It's also high enough to prevent easy tampering or vandalism, adding an extra layer of security. This guideline is applicable to various models, including the Nest Floodlight Camera, Ring Floodlight, Blink Wired Floodlight camera and cameras that fit the Enkistar mount, ensuring flexibility and effectiveness in your home security setup.

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